Five reasons Scentsy is worth it

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While Scentsy Warmers, Mini Warmers and Fragrance Flowers are some of the most iconic home fragrance products on the market, they aren’t the only options out there. With flameless alternatives to scented candles gaining popularity, what makes Scentsy stand out as an industry leader? Here are five reasons why Scentsy products are a great value:

1 – Quality craftsmanship

Scentsy products are made by master craftsmen all over the world, from glassblowers in China to artisans in India hand-crafting Fragrance Flowers. When it comes to home décor, we believe in going the extra mile.

2 – Styles for everyone

Whether you’re looking for the latest trends or niche items for your own unique décor style, we’ve got you covered. Between seasonal catalogs and limited-time offers, you’re bound to find Scentsy products that fit your vibe.

3 – So many ways to save

Scentsy gives you all the tools you need to get great fragrance products for the home while protecting your budget. Beyond Bundle & Save options and Clearance items, you can save even more by joining Scentsy Club or Hosting a Scentsy Party!

4 – Quality fragrance for every setting

The best home fragrance products offer vivid scents that match your lifestyle. Scentsy’s catalog of over 80 fragrances are developed by world class perfumers, and range from sweet and fruity scents to sophisticated woodland aromas. Whether you use Scentsy Wax Bars, Scentsy Pods or one of our various Unplugged options, you can find the perfect way to enjoy your favorite fragrances.

5 – Scentsy connects people

When you purchase Scentsy products, you aren’t just filling your life with fragrance — you’re supporting an Independent Scentsy Consultant in your community. They might have kids who go to the same school as your own, frequent your favorite coffee shop, or even be a friend or relative! When you shop Scentsy, you’re helping a local Consultant thrive.

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