Earn Double Half-Price Host Rewards in January


You know how good it feels when you save 50% on something you absolutely love? Double that feeling.

In January only, Scentsy Hosts earn Double Half-Price Host Rewards for qualifying parties! Take a look:

Double Half-Price Host Rewards

Party sales$265 – $464.99$465 – $664.99$665 – $1,324.99$1,325+
Free product value$26.50 – $46.49$46.50 – $66.49$99.75 – $198.74$198.75+
Half-price credits in January2468
Double Half-Price Host Rewards

Hereโ€™s the scoop:

  • Any party that closes by Jan. 31 with at least $265 in sales qualifies.
  • Products $112-$250.99 still require two half-price credits to save 50%, and products $251 and over require three half-price credits to save 50%.
  • Licensed products, charitable cause products and select Bundle & Save offers are not eligible for Host Rewards.

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