Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

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Feb. 17 is International Random Acts of Kindness Day — and while it may not appear on most calendars, it’s a tradition worth celebrating! Much like pay it forward day, this is a time to let good deeds shine. Here’s a guide for planning any small act of kindness:


What does pay it forward mean? It’s one of those phrases that gets thrown around so often it’s easy to lose sight of the original definition. Paying it forward means spreading kindness beyond those who’ve done something nice for you. Rather than “paying back” someone’s goodwill, you carry it forward to the next person who needs it. This way, one charitable act can ripple out into many!


While buying someone a gift can be a nice gesture, consider random acts of kindness that won’t touch your wallet. Holding the door for a stranger or writing a heartfelt note to someone you appreciate are both great ways to bring a smile to someone’s face without breaking the bank! If you want to make someone’s day with a small gift, taking the extra step to make it personal can have a huge impact. For example, you could gift a Scentsy Bar in a fragrance that reminds you of a treasured memory with them!


While kindness is certainly its own reward, be careful not to overextend yourself. After all, it’s hard to take care of others if you’re stressed and exhausted! Random Acts of Kindness Day can be an invitation to treat yourself to something out of the ordinary. Maybe you branch out and try new Scentsy fragrances or track down a beloved childhood dessert! Stepping outside your daily routine can be a refreshing way to show yourself a little love.

While it’s important to be kind year-round, moments like Random Acts of Kindness Day are an invitation to shine a spotlight on the ways we can give to each other! Generosity is one of Scentsy’s core values, acting as a constant guidepost for the ways we interact with each other and our community. But we want to hear from you — what are some of the ways you’ve been shown random acts of kindness?

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