All is Well Wax Collection

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Find balance with calming fragrances. The All Is Well Wax Collection introduces five new Scentsy Bars in soothing scents. COMING FEBRUARY 14th 2022, available while supplies last.

All Is Well Bundle, $25 US $33 CA

Individual All Is Well Scentsy Bars, $6 US $8 CAN each

Vitamin S(oothe) Scentsy Bar

Driftwood softened by gentle water lily and soothing sea minerals

Vitamin M(editate) Scentsy Bar

Sandalwood balances calming lavender and spicy nutmeg.

Vitamin U(nwind) Scentsy Bar

Sweet apple blossom and crisp cucumber peel drift above serene spa water.

Vitamin I(nhale) Scentsy Bar

Fresh mountain air carries notes of wildflowers and fern to peaceful vistas.

Vitamin R(elax) Scentsy Bar

Bright bergamot and smooth vanilla sugar bask in warm amber.

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